No Turning Off (September 25, 2011)Edit

Theresa Caputo has a very special psychic gift, but her family gets annoyed by her inability to turn it off.

Driving Me Nuts (September 25, 2011)Edit

Theresa reads a distraught mother; Victoria learns to drive.

Spirit Release (October 2, 2011)Edit

The spirit of a 6-year-old boy won't leave Theresa, taking a serious emotional toll on her.

This Isn't Working Repack (October 2, 2011)Edit

Theresa meets with her clients in her home.

Theresa's Upgrade (October 9, 2011)Edit

The kids get Theresa something more advanced than her cassette recorder; a woman seeks closure.

Reconnecting (October 16, 2011)Edit

Theresa plans a trip to reconnect with her friends.

Blessing and a Curse (October 23, 2011)Edit

Theresa finds herself putting spirits first and her family second.

Theresa Explains it All (October 30, 2011)Edit

Theresa and her family answer questions; explaining it all.

Sailing with the Spirits (November 6, 2011)Edit

Theresa is invited to do a group reading on a cruise ship traveling to the Bahamas.